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  • Humiliation / Degradation

  • Heavy rubber / Gas Mask Intox

  • Chastity Device/Key-holding

  • Feminisation / Sissy training

  • Food Play / Force Feeding

  • Leashes / Light Pet Play

  • Restrains / Bondage / Mummification / Gags

  • Findom / Cashpoint

  • Ignore Fetish / Human Furniture

  • Mommy Domme (for those under 30 only)

  • Long Term Domestic Servitude

PAIN (light to moderate)

  • Spanking (hand, paddle, flogger, vampire paddle, riding crop...)

  • Face Slapping

  • Ball-busting / CBT

  • Scratching

  • Nipple Torture

Are you dying to serve me in person? This page if for you. Make sure to meticulously read and absorb every word.


Let’s start with what I look for in a submissive.

Whether you are new to this world or experienced, the most important thing to me is the desire to serve. Your physical attributes (age, looks, ethnicity etc.) does not matter in the slightest.

In a submissive I value effective communication, respect of my time, thoughtfulness, dedication and loyalty if our relationship evolves to that stage.


How do I get the opportunity to meet you?

As you might notice, I am a busy bee and never in the same city for long. Which means you will need to give me at least a weeks notice, be effective and patient when contacting me.

In your initial e-mail, include: your city, a short description about yourself and your past experience, your interests and your motives to meeting me. Make sure to subscribe to my newsletter to be notified of my travel dates. Fly me to you available at my discretion.


I do not wish to be contacted about meets on other platforms (Onlyfans, Instagram, Fetlife…).

What should I expect from an encounter with you?

Whether we’re meeting for a quick coffee in town or a playtime in a dungeon, you will treat me the same way. The “scene” never truly starts or stops. I do not put on a show or “get into character”. I like to be genuine and authentic to myself. That way, my personality and artistic nature translates into my play.

What are the costs involved?

A rendez-vous with me starts at £150 for a social date and £250 for a play date. A quote will be given to you if I deem your profile to be a good match. Additional dungeon or hotel fees are to be covered by you.


I require a £100 deposit in order to secure a booking (deductible and non refundable). I will secure your desired date and time for 12 hours. Once the deposit has been sent, you can change the date or time up to 72 hours prior the session. The deposit is only refundable in the situation where I’m no longer able to attend the session.


What are your interests?

My interests vary depending on my mood and dynamic I have with my submissive. Domestic servitude, body fluids, anal sex, latex and humiliation are some of my favourite things to do.

My hard limits are any intimate body worship and sexual contact at the exception of anal on you.

Medical play (electro, sounding, needles); smoking/human ashtray; wax play; intox (other than poppers); extreme pain; extreme pet play and race play.

Here’s a non exhausting list of things that I might indulge in:


  • Spit

  • Watersports (piss)

  • Roman showers (vomit)

  • Toilet Slave Training (hardsports)

  • Fart Fetish


  • Foot / Shoe Worship

  • Latex Worship

  • Latex Gloves Fetish

  • Ass Smothering / Breath Play (in tights or lingerie)

  • Hairy Armpit Worship


  • Strap-on Pegging

  • Blowjob / Deepthroat


DOUBLE DOMME: Upon request.


Throughout the years I’ve been capturing my life as a Dominatrix through film photography. Being my subject is always done with your consent. You may chose to be captured with or without face, visible tattoos, with a hood on or not at all. I use the content for promotion purposes on social media and potentially my website. You may receive a copy of the content for the content for personal use.

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