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Use the form below to contact me, or email me at 

or Whatsapp +33 7 69 01 79 81  (no calls, texts only).


When booking me for a real time session, be ready to provide the following information:

  • Tell me a bit about yourself (entirely confidential, for safety purposes only).

Name, age, city, occupation... Social media account if possible.

  • Tell me about your level of experience in BDSM, personal or professional.

What type of submissive are you?

  • Which kinks would you like to focus on during our time together? And how long would you like to spend with me?

  • Any health problems or allergies I should know about?

  • Are you comfortable with being photographed for social media use?

No / Yes: with or without face visible.

Confirm that you have read the booking policies, services offered. And that Miss Vera Violette is not responsible for any injuries from risk-aware consensual sessions.

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