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A little bit about me…

Born in France, I spent most of my adult life in Brighton England, where I started my career into sex work. I am now based in Berlin and occasionally travel around Europe.

I would describe myself as a creative and independent woman with a twisted mind…

Art and analogue photography have always been huge interests of mine. I take joy in documenting my personal and professional sex and kink lives through photography (with those who are comfortable with it).

In my spare time, I like to paint and create latex garments. You can find more about my clothing brand Good Girl Latex here.

My Experience + Domination Style

My career in the sex industry started at 18. Throughout the years I've encountered and learned about countless kinks and fetishes which led to the exploration of my dominant side and it has been my main focus since 2019.

When you step into my world, you will notice my domination approach is psychological, sensual but simultaneously humiliating and effective.

I'm a calm person, I do not shout or inflict harsh pain without a purpose.

I will penetrate your mind and brainwash you by sliding my rubber claws in your mouth while looking deep into your eyes, reminding you where your place is.

I take great pleasure in tormenting and corrupting submissives in all kinds of ways... Soon enough you will be begging to taste my fluids.

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