5ft7 - Shoes size 6/39 - Queer - Vegan

Born in France, I moved to England in 2016 to study filmmaking. I'm a very independent, creative and passionate woman with a dirty mind...

My sexuality is fluid, someone's gender isn't important to me. Although I tend to prefer women over men.

I own a clothing brand called Good Girl Latex, selling handmade latex clothing. I have a passion for art and I like to document my sex life and clients through film photography.

My career in the industry started at 18 by selling pictures and video clips of myself. Throughout the years I've encountered and learned about countless of kinks and fetishes. I found hearing people's desires fascinating and took so much fun in helping them fulfil them.

Being vulnerable enough to confess your darkest fantasies is really hot to me. I feel lucky so many people trusted me to do so.

My domination style is psychological, rough yet sensual... I'm a bully. I enjoy being verbal, really getting in my submissive's head through words, body fluids and eye contact rather than pain. Don't get me wrong, I'm a sadist and love inflicting pain onto those who are comfortable with it. You won't need to be restrained as you will stay still because I told you to. Having you feel completely vulnerable in front of me and getting you into a deep sub space appeals to me a lot more. I have a creative mind which I love using in my domination practice with coming up with fun scenarios.

Personal life

My personal exploration in kink is ongoing. Although I love the comfort of my own home, I occasionally attend some London fetish parties. I'm an exhibitionist and true fetishist. My main intrests are piss, spit, latex and humiliation.

If you're a voyeur, I share some insights of it on my Onlyfans page. I do enjoy submitting to some lucky people but understand I will not submit to you. Treat me as a Goddess even when I’m covered in piss.